During the time, passed between setting up of Union and the summer of 2006 we were able to organize 11 meetings of BCUG members:
on 21 November 1997 (39 participants);
on 19 February 1998 (36 participants);
on 7 December 1999 (41 participanta);
on 25 August 2000 (31 participants);
on 1 September 2001 (28 participants);
on 31 May 2002 (19 participants);
on 10 September 2003 (34 participants);
on 2 November 2004 (20 participants);
on 27 October 2005 (18 participants);
on 4 November 2006 (16 participants);
on 15 December 2007 (19 participants);
on 11 November 2008 (17 participants);
on 26 November 2009 (16 participants);
on 27 december 2010 (14 participants).
The 1st General Meeting of the BCUG were held on 21 December 1998 (44 participants).
The 2nd General Meeting of the BCUG were held on 16 December 2007 (32 participants).
During these meetings the problems on present status of Georgian Avifauna, problems of rare and endangered bird conservation were discussed, priority directions and strategy of BCUG activity and development of organisation for nearest future were defined.

Besides of organizing activities and meetings with supporters, some actions and expeditions were carried out. In 1997-2011 BCUG members participated in the ornithological project of the Georgian Pipeline Company, which constructed oil export pipeline from the Azerbaijan shores of the Caspian Sea to the Georgian shores of the Black Sea. Five expeditions were organized along Georgian part of oil pipeline route. In 2000-2001 the similar contacts were established with the Georgian International Oil Company.
In 1997-2009 counts of Birds of Prey on autumn and spring passages across Georgia were carried out:
- about 120.700 raptors of 29 species were counted during survey in Autumn 1997;
- more than 40.575 individuals of 26 species in Spring 1998;
- 98.670+ of 29 species in Autumn 1999;
- about 122.760 of 30 species in Autumn 2000;
- 46984+ idividuals of 27 species in Spring 2001;
- 97.233+ of 28 species in Autumn 2001;
- 39786+ of 29 species in Spring 2009.
The present distribution, numbers and conservation status of the wintering raptors in Georgia has been studied by the BCUG members during observations carried out in February 1998, in December 1998 - January 1999 and in December 1999/February 2000, in the second half of February 2006 and in the middle of February 2007:
- a total of at least 9.065 individuals of 18 wintering raptor species have been recorded within the territory of Georgia in February 1998;
- about 4.700 of 16 species - in January 1999;
- not less than 8.817 individuals of 17 species were counted in the end of January 2000;
- 3594+ birds of prey of 13 species were counted on 11-20 February 2004;
- 5104+ raptors of 14 species were counted on 4-11 February 2005;
- 3966+ raptors of 15 species were counted on 7-22 February 2006.
Along with this activities it was possible to carry out mid-winter waterfowl censuses (54.700 individuals in winter 1997/98; 43.860 - in winter 1998/99, 49620 in winter 1999-2000). Last waterbird winter census was carried out in February 2006.
Several Important Bird Areas were visited, their priority were critically classified.
Our members established very good contacts with several public organizations in Georgia and with numerous non-govermental organizations, professional ornithologists and bird lovers in neighbouring countries.
In local newspapers and magazines several letters about our Union, present status of Georgian birds and problems of their protection were published.
Besides that, nine Newsletter of BCUG was prepared and distributied among members. Unfortunately, because of the limiting financial resources we could not yet publish the Newsletters, but we did its photocopies. The full text is compiled in Georgian with English (4 issues) and Russian (2 issues) summaries. At present the 10th issue of the BCUG Newletter is under preparation. Collecting of our library is begun. Our starting activities have been possible only owing to support of sponsors. We express our sincere gratitude to all those organisations and persons who supported and helped the establishment and development of Union in 1997-2011.



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